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Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Poland,
Champion's BOB Winner 2015, Best Stud Dog 2016

Deltamore Manolito by Gaytonwood


d.o.b. 25.11.2012, England


3x Junior Winner, Best Junior, 9x CWC, 4x BOS, 4x Best Dog,
2x BOB, Best in Show finalist at Champion of Champion's 2015, Best Stud Dog of Club Show 2016


HD-A, ED 0/0
prcd_PRA, gr_PRA1, gr_PRA2 - free




   Deltamore Manolito by Gaytonwood (vel. Leon) came from England. The dog, which I have high hopes for breeding. Completely healthy: free of hip and elbow dysplasia, eyes and heart clear.

   True English dog I always dreamed about... Against all reason, he had to be mine ... My dream come true. He's Polish Junior Champion, and he became adult Polish Champion at the age of 22 months old!

   I would like to thank Dawn Rose (Gaytonwood) for her great support, wonderful time spent in England, just for all you do for me! Carole Kelly (Deltamore) for Him! He's the best dog ever! Ania Szydłowska & Donat Wiła for their support and help with the arrival of Leon - without you, I would not have done it!



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