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d.o.b. 28.06.2002, Poland

2x JW, 11x CWC, CACIB, 2x BOS, KT II

HD-A, ED 0/0, eyes - free of hereditary diseases




   The first one... He taught me what's life with a dog ... Let me make all mistakes. That's how it all began. Individualist , dog extremely proud, but so connected with all our family.

   He is Polish Champion and Polish Winner 2005. In addition, a working dog with a second degree diploma. Healthy: free of hip and elbow dysplasia, and hereditary eye diseases.    

   In his pedigree there are many english ancestors from kennels like: Ritzilyn, Linchael, Amirene, Jackralee, Standfast or Westley. Another reason of our pride is a fact that Agent is a grandson of 3x World Winner, Junior World Winner and Multichampion - Standfast Angus.     

   Father of several litters. Today, he has a retirement peaceful doggy, still a boss in the house :)




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